TAPPI Officer Nominations

TAPPI Elections are coming up!

Nominations are currently being taken, and will be accepted until April 14th. Elections will take place from April 15-17.

Nominate people here! Be sure to note the “Nominees thus far” for each position.

TAPPI Article Tagging

Get your service credit, online on your own time!

National TAPPI needs volunteers to go through their database collection of all knowledge that involves paper. Volunteering is easy and entails a 15 minute orientation with Joe McDonald to learn how to use the tool. Students are then required to log a total of about 8 hours of article tagging over the rest of the semester. You don’t have to be an paper expert to help. In fact it is a great opportunity to read and learn from the best compendium of industry knowledge available to engineers!

Sign up here

TAPPI Student Summit

NC State’s TAPPI is taking a group of students to the TAPPI Student Summit in Savannah, Georgia from January 16-19. There will be an informational meeting that is mandatory for all attending members that will take place on Monday, January 12th at 7pm in PPL 2221.

Points Tracking for TAPPI Membership

Are you wondering if you’re an “active TAPPI member”? Not sure if you’re eligible to attend the TAPPI Student Summit in Savannah from Jan. 16-19? Don’t know what events you need to attend to become “active” and eligibile?


Visit our freshly-updated Google Spreadsheet with all the information you need. There’s also a permanent link at the top of this website.

Email Patrick Leasure (peleasur@ncsu.edu) or Adam Elhammoumi (atelhamm@ncsu.edu) with questions or concerns.